Tall, Dark, And Handsome
Album Title: Tall, Dark, And Handsome
Artists: Alonzo Bodden
Released: 2006-08-01
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Standup Comedy,Music,Comedy
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 39772 91859

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Last Comic Standing.mp3, Hurricane Season.mp3, The South.mp3, Iowa and Nebraska.mp3, Tv.mp3, Blue States and Bush Jokes.mp3, War on Terror.mp3, Who to Hate.mp3, Congress.mp3, Democrats, Republicans, And Spongebob.mp3, Judgment Day and the Red Sox.mp3, The List.mp3, Insurance.mp3, Home Depot.mp3, Wiggers.mp3, White People.mp3, Work Together.mp3, Athletes.mp3, Women's Gymnastics.mp3, Getting Upset over Jokes.mp3, Kids.mp3, Kids These Days.mp3, Favorite Gun Story.mp3, My Family.mp3, Rehab.mp3, Backsplash.mp3, A Good Woman.mp3, Beautiful Women.mp3, Women's Stories.mp3, Men Don't Talk.mp3, Dating.mp3,

About Alonzo Bodden

Tall, Dark, And Handsome

Alonzo Bodden

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    1:40 Last Comic Standing.mp3
    1:41 Hurricane Season.mp3
    1:50 The South.mp3
    1:17 Iowa and Nebraska.mp3
    2:06 Tv.mp3
    1:21 Blue States and Bush Jokes.mp3
    1:25 War on Terror.mp3
    1:08 Who to Hate.mp3
    1:06 Congress.mp3
    1:32 Democrats, Republicans, And Spongebob.mp3
    1:52 Judgment Day and the Red Sox.mp3
    1:17 The List.mp3
    2:08 Insurance.mp3
    1:34 Home Depot.mp3
    1:57 Wiggers.mp3
    1:18 White People.mp3
    2:16 Work Together.mp3
    3:34 Athletes.mp3
    1:51 Women's Gymnastics.mp3
    2:54 Getting Upset over Jokes.mp3
    0:52 Kids.mp3
    1:07 Kids These Days.mp3
    0:46 Favorite Gun Story.mp3
    2:38 My Family.mp3
    1:10 Rehab.mp3
    3:08 Backsplash.mp3
    1:20 A Good Woman.mp3
    1:57 Beautiful Women.mp3
    1:35 Women's Stories.mp3
    1:29 Men Don't Talk.mp3
    1:00 Dating.mp3
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